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Heather has provided editorial support to a variety of groups and individuals — from a large IT company looking to overhaul the content of their employee handbook to novice fiction writers preparing their first manuscript for submission. 

Whether you're interested in attracting clients with polished, professional web content or impressing publishers with elegant, energetic prose, Heather can help.

SUBSTANTIVE EDITING:  $12 per 100 words (minimum length 2,000 words)

This type of editing is the most comprehensive. It addresses content and structure, as well as technical and mechanical concerns (e.g. grammar, word usage, punctuation, clarity).


LINE EDITING:  $4.50 per 100 words

(minimum length 2,000 words)

This type of editing fixes errors and problems related to grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, sentence clarity, and stylistic consistency.


PROOFREADING:  $2.50 per 100 words (minimum length 2,000 words)

This type of editing aims to catch "accidental" glitches, such as typos, missing words, spelling errors, and minor punctuation errors.



Heather is highly skilled at creating relevant and engaging web content from scratch. From electric cars to coping with midlife malaise, the topics she has researched and written about are wide-ranging. Please get in touch to inquire about rates (a typical journalism rate is $1/word).



Want to improve your own, or your employees', writing skills? Heather has an extensive teaching background in both professional communications and fiction writing. She would be happy to provide you with useful tools and strategies, either through one-on-one consultation or custom group workshops. Please get in touch to inquire about rates.

Get in touch today to chat about your editing needs.


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